Demo Site Info

Welcome! This booking facility allows you to book and pay for access to the Demo Indoor Cricket Centre.

Currently this is a demonstration site, and booking codes will not grant access to any facility. You must use the test credit card to check out.

Credit Cards

Jot this down before making your booking -

Card Number: 4111 1111 1111 1111
Name: (your name)
Expiry: 11 / 21
CVV: 111


Bookanet allows you to create coupons to give preferential rates to teams and organisations associated with your facility. There are two demo coupons configured on this demo site.

HALF - enter HALF to demonstrate a discount coupon (you'll be charged 50% for your order)
FREE - enter FREE to demonstrate a free order (no charge, no payment required).

Access Codes

Bookanet connects with your alarm system to deliver time-specific access codes to each booking user. Your users will receive the codes via SMS to their mobile, and via email as well. If you cancel a booking using your admin access to the website, the access code is revoked.